• 3BAT WTG remote bat monitoring system

  • System description

    The 3BAT WTG SYSTEM is created to work in places difficult to access, for example to conduct continuous monitoring of bat activity at the nacelle height of wind turbines over long periods of time. The 3BAT WTG SYSTEM enables the remote management of surveys conducted and the transmission of ultrasonic recordings to end users as they are being made. In our solution, we use the very effective and reliable Anabat Swift Detector. This ensures the highest quality of bat detection in either of two modes: Zero Crossing or Full Spectrum.

  • Technical specification

    External Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 250 mm (11.8 x 11.8 x 9.84 inches)
    Ultrasonic detector: Anabat Swift
    Weight: 8 kg
    Power Requirements: 110 or 220 Volt external power
    Microphone Options: Omnidirectional or directional
    Frequency Range: Up to 250 kHz (depending on microphone)
    Metadata: All metadata stored in GUANO format
    Software: Free to download Anabat Insight call analysis software
    File output: Anabat sequence files (Zero Crossing) or WAV (Full Spectrum)
    Sampling Rates: 500, 320, 192, 44, 32 and 22 ksps
    Data storage: External data server and the local data storage disc
    Internet connection: LTE/3G / cable / satellite
    Warranty: Detector 2 years, Microphones 1 year, Other components without cables 2 years


  • System Features

    1) Compliance with EUROBATS recommendations
    2) Adaptation to every wind turbine model
    3) Remote control of surveys via the Internet
    4) Detection of bats using the Anabat Swift Detector
    5) Anabat’s free Insight software for data analysis
    6) The possibility of operating in tandem with wind turbine management systems
    7) Automatic transmission of collected data to an external server
    8) Ability to operate in Zero Crossing or Full Spectrum mode
    9) Intelligent power module

  • 3BAT SYSTEM - Process description

    1. Monitoring of bat activity at nacelles height: the Real-time process in the 3BAT WTG SYSTEM
    2. Classification of collected recordings of bats: the 3BAT ANALYSIS UNIT real-time process using the customized classification patterns
    3. Calculation of real-time bat activity indexes: the 3BAT ANALYSIS UNIT real-time process using maths calculation
    4. Calculate of the current risk of bats mortality: the 3BAT ANALYSIS UNIT real-time process using the bat activity indexes and customized algorithms
    5. Regulation of wind turbines work (Cut-off / Cut-on): the 3BAT ANALYSIS UNIT using customized regulation rules

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