• Radar survey of migratory birds at Baltic Sea - The long-tailed duck (Clangula hyemalis). Photo by Artur Niemczyk

    The 3BAT WTG SYSTEM is created to work in places difficult to access, for example to conduct continuous monitoring of bat activity at the nacelle height of wind turbines over long periods of time. The 3BAT WTG SYSTEM enables the remote management of surveys conducted and the transmission of ultrasonic recordings to end users as they are being made. In our solution, we use the very effective and reliable Anabat Swift Detector. This ensures the highest quality of bat detection in either of two modes: Zero Crossing or Full Spectrum.

  • 3 Bird Radar System - radar research of migration of bird and bats at airport in Poland

    You do not need to buy bat survey equipment. We will deliver them to your project and we will perform the monitoring service. As long as you need it. We carry out monitoring and activity of bats at the height of the nacelle of wind turbines.
    The works are carried out with 3BAT WTG SYSTEM devices.

  • Wherever researchers, lovers of bats, non-governmental organizations and public administration authorities require accurate information on the behavior of bats, our experts will be happy to help in providing the same. The 3Bird Radar System and automatic bat flights radar detection technology will achieve any, even the most difficult, research goal.